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2021 "TOP 35" PRODUCTS

2021 was another busy reviewing year! 235 products reviewed from not only here in the U.S., but from Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Honduras, The Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and Vietnam

African Dream Foods - Ghost Peri-Peri Hot Sauce

Craic Sauce - Mill City Red

Chile Lengua de Fuego - Bhutila Fire

Chili Club NSK - Scorching Chocolate  

Chef Kuleza Hot Sauce - Hot Version

Chipotlan Hot Sauce - Strawberry Habanero

Crazy Bastard Sauce - Ghost Pepper & Mango 

Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce - Black Garlic Sriracha

Dyer’s Desires Organic Jalapeño Pepper Jelly 

FlavurLust - Ume Hot Sauce

Gindo’s Hot Sauce - Artichoke Pesto 

Halogi Hot Sauce - Raven’s Wine

Hellfire Hot Sauce - Bloody Snot

Help Me Jesus Hot Sauce - 64 Wing Sauce

Hoff & Pepper - Smoken Ghost Ketchup

Hot As U Want - Black Garlic Datil Pepper Sauce

Hot Winter - Santa Fe Grande Hot Sauce

Lola’s Hot Sauce - Family Reserve

Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce - 1928 Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot Sauce

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - Chrome

Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce - Pineapple & Rhum

Mr. Vikki’s - Chilli Jam

Pepper North Artisan Foods - Totality Hot Sauce

PexPeppers - 2 The Moon

Chef Ric Orlando’s - Purple Haze Hot Sauce

Rising Smoke SauceWorks - Pineapple Oasis Hot Sauce

SAMI Sauce

Sauce Leopard Hot Sauce - The Crimson Drip 

Cedella Marley Booker's Smilin' Island "Jamaican Red" Pepper Sauce 

Spice Dog Provisions - Revenge of Davy Jones

Steve’s Onion & Garlic Hot Sauce - Smoked Jalapeño

The Horn Ethiopian Hot Sauce - Mitmita Hotter Version

Villain Sauce Co. - Smoky Mountain Death

Volcanic Peppers - Red Reaper Mango

White Whale Sauces "Lemonhello" Hot Sauce

Product Line of the Year - Halogi Hot Sauce (Nick Curry)

Hot Sauce Maker of the Year - Merle & Diana of Hellfire Hot Sauce

Top Products of the Year!

3rd Place - Help Me Jesus - 64 Wing Sauce

2nd Place - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - Chrome

1st Place - Daddy Cool’s - Black Garlic Sriracha

2021 "Top 35" Products: Text
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